Élégance Secure Night

Élégance Secure Night

24 hour complete coverage

All round leakage protection through the night*
For 2x better coverage for protection against leakage from all sides

1. Elegance Secure will keep you safe at night, from all types of protection.

2. The back of the Ultra Normal (Size 1) is 60% larger than the back of the Normal (Size 1). This means that it will cover you better at night.

3. LeakGuard technology helps to prevent liquid from leaking.

4. This super absorbent sanitary towel with the InstantDry system will quickly absorb liquid.

5. The OdourLock technology neutralises odours so that you can enjoy your surroundings without worrying about bad smells.

6. This product has been approved by dermatologists as a safe and effective way to improve skin health.

7. Wings help keep your sanitary towel in place so that you can stay comfortable while using it.

8. You'll receive a pack of 7 pads, plus a free biodegradable pouch.