Élégance Dry Max

Élégance Dry Max

Real Companion of yours

All round leakage protection through the night*
For 2x better coverage for protection against leakage from all sides.

1. Dry max sanitary pads are designed to provide all-night protection for women.

2. These extra-long and extra-wide sanitary napkins offer more coverage than other napkins, ensuring that you stay protected throughout the night.

3. A natural odor control system that uses oil to help prevent foul odour and keep you fresh.

4. Pads that are individually wrapped so you can take them with you wherever you go and be prepared for any surprises.

5. Ultra-thin pads that prevent leaks from all sides, even when you move around in your sleep.

6. Pack of seven pads, including a free 7-pack of biodegradable pouches.