Élégance Panty liner

Élégance Panty liner

Liner for Daily Protection

•    Stay fresh all day long even on your non-period days
•    Breathable design offers long-lasting freshness every day
•    Dermatologically tested to be gentle on your skin
•    Odour Neutralising Technology eliminates odours instead of just masking them
•    Comfortable Design makes you barely feel a thing while wearing them

These panties absorb moisture quickly, so you stay clean and fresh all day. This product helps to prevent stains on panties, absorbs the wetness from regular discharge that occurs during periods, perspiration and small urine leaks. For maximum daily freshness, change the liner twice a day.


1. Soft cover, designed for dryness and comfort

2. Absorbs moisture in seconds

3. For use between periods, this product is effective.

4. This product is dermatologically tested and free of allergy and irritation potential.