Every woman and girl has the right to safe menstrual products. It offers individuals more control over their health, making them unstoppable to follow their dreams. Élégance has earned a reputation for providing safe and comfortable period management, as well as wholesome hygienic protection, over the last 20 years. For efficacy and safety, all of our products are dermatologically evaluated. Élégance products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Our goal is to eliminate the risk of contamination that can occur when the pads are handled or packed by hand. Our plant's overall cleanliness standards are excellent, allowing us to deliver on our guarantee of quality and hygiene assurance. We can't even go inside some parts of the factory without donning gloves, face masks, overcoats, and head caps." To supply safe sanitary pads to a woman, the key is to ensure that they must be created in excellent safety and hygienic standards.

We are

Our legacy makes it evident that we respect the creation of new societal values and maintain a spirit that always seeks out innovation. Let’s take you through our journey!

Quality & Safety

We have always believed in providing highest levels of quality and safety to our consumers

Superior Protection

Enabling women to feel comfortable during periods – Élégance offers sanitary pads that are safe & comfortable for feminine hygiene

Social Responsibility

Our goal is to provide high-quality low-cost sanitary pads in order to create awareness about the importance of menstrual and personal cleanliness.

Growing up

Having the period conversation with your daughter

Every year, over 15 million girls in India enter the menarche cycle, although more than 71% have no knowledge of menstruation prior to their periods. Élégance is always striving to normalize menstruation for women across the country and we want to push the limits and create such a society where menstruation is normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ideally, you should change your pad every 4-6 hours. Using the same pad for an extended period of time may expose you to bacterial and fungal illnesses.

All Élégance pads have an expiration date of 2-3 years. So, as long as you are using/stocking up on items that have a lengthy shelf life, you can buy whenever it is convenient for you.

Élégance sanitary pads have cutting-edge scent lock-in technology. So you won't be embarrassed!